Outpatient Claiming

How to claim for your out-patient expenses

Claiming your out-patient expenses is very straightforward. Here is what you need to do;


  • You can submit your receipts within a reasonable timeframe as defined in our Terms & Conditions i.e. your current renewal period and 2 previous renewal periods (3 years).
  • You can submit your day-to-day receipts as you go using Snap and Send, the quick and easy paperless way to claim your everyday medical expense
  • Or you can gather your receipts and submit them using the day-to-day medical expenses claim form.
  • Gather all your original receipts for each insured person.
  • Then you can complete your day-to-day medical expenses claim form
  • Remember to include the original receipts, and as they are not returned, it is a good idea to retain a copy
  • Please ensure that each receipt indicates the patient's name, date and type of treatment or service, charge amount and your practitioner's details
  • Finally, send your completed form to Vhi, PO Box 11530, Dublin 18.


How do you know if you can make an out-patient claim?

1. First of all, you need to confirm the individual excess on your plan. 

2. You must total your eligible expenses and subtract your excess from that figure. If the final amount is more than zero (0), then you have a claim.

To determine the appropriate benefit per visit, you should refer to your Table of Benefits document issued to you at the start of the annual contract.

Please note, there have been some improvements in out-patient cover in respect of Consultant consultations and some Radiology and Pathology benefits. These changes are effective immediately. Please contact us to find out what changes have been made to your cover.


Tax relief

Medical expenses not covered by Vhi Healthcare may be eligible for income tax relief. To find out how you can benefit from this relief, log on to www.revenue.ie for details.