Diversity and Inclusion at Vhi

Vhi is committed to fostering an inclusive culture where diverse viewpoints, experiences and backgrounds are valued and embraced

Our commitment

Diversity and Inclusion

At Vhi, we are proud to say that our Organisational Diversity & Inclusion Policy sets out our promises to our employees in the areas of:

  • Respect and dignity at work
  • Equal treatment and protection from discrimination
  • An inclusive work environment
  • Flexible working arrangements
  • Continuous development
  • Personal support

We continue to encourage and champion diversity of thought, experience and approach whilst fostering a culture of inclusion and collaboration across the Vhi group. We have established some colleague support groups including;


Vhi have established a Multi-Cultural Network which was set up to support and celebrate our colleagues from different countries, cultures and ethnic backgrounds who currently work in Vhi.  Our Network helps to build awareness of the many different cultures that make up our team.


Vhi’s Pride Network is made up of colleagues who identify as LGBTQ+ and allies of the community. The purpose of the network is to help strengthen the voice of the LGBTQ+ community within Vhi, enhancing Vhi as an inclusive place to work where colleagues can feel fully themselves.


We want our culture to reflect the rich and varied communities of members we serve across the country.



Vhi Women’s Network has a clear mission and vision to support our colleagues. Being involved in a working network is a great way to make new connections, rekindle existing connections and stay connected while supporting your personal growth.


Our Mission:

Vhi’s Women’s Network works together to support and empower women in Vhi to optimize their potential, represent Vhi in the business community and serve as a key business resource.


Our Vision:

To create a workplace where women thrive and play an equal role in helping our customers live longer, stronger, healthier lives.





Some of our initiatives and celebrations include:

  • Pride;
  • World Mental Health Day;
  • Vhi Voices Choir:
  • IMI cross-company mentoring programme. 
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