At Vhi, we are committed to being a responsible and sustainable business to improve health now and for future generations

Taking our commitments seriously

Our purpose is to help our members live longer, stronger, healthier lives. To ensure our long term success and deliver on our business goals, we have extended our purpose beyond our members to include patients, colleagues, communities and the environment.



Customers and patients

Customers & Patients

We are committed to helping our customers and patients live longer, stronger, healthier lives.

1. Offering customer centred products and services 

Offer products and healthcare services that are easy for our customers to understand and use so they have the appropriate level of cover for their healthcare needs. Ensure our customers have a great customer experience.

2. Superior Customer and Patient Experience 

Provide differentiated and relevant healthcare offerings and an exceptional patient experience that provides better access, more integration, more personalisation and better health /quality outcomes.

3. Responsible Product and Service Information and Promotion

We will ensure that all our communication and advertising strategies are informative, innovative and do not mislead.  We have a responsibility to inform our customers of the right message at the right time, utilising the channel of their choice. 



1. Building an engaged and purpose-led culture

It is important that we ensure all colleagues have the capabilities they need to perform at their best while fostering a culture driven by our purpose, that we can all be proud of.

We want to ensure our culture is inclusive, that it embraces and promotes diversity and inclusion, and that it supports and encourages colleagues to be themselves at work.

2. Colleagues @ Vhi

We continuously promote colleague health and wellbeing and our colleagues have access to a wide range of programmes to facilitate them to actively look after their physical and emotional wellbeing.

To find out about what it is like to work in Vhi click here



We are committed to helping our local communities live longer, stronger, healthier lives.

1. Play an active role in communities

We are committed to playing our part in society and helping to support our communities to live longer stronger healthier lives through our partnerships with parkrun Ireland and the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon. Find out more about our sponsorships here

2. Support youth resilience and mental health

Working in partnership with the Irish Youth Foundation we will continue to support young people from disadvantaged communities to manage anxiety and build resilience



We must contribute to a healthier environment to support health and wellbeing.

1. Embed environmental sustainability into our culture

We are working to ensure thatEnsure environmental sustainability is addressed and becomes part of our decision making processes. We continue to review and refine how we do business so that to ensure we reduce our impact on the environment and contribute to a healthier planet.

2. Reduce our carbon footprint

With 1.1 million customers we understand the important role we can play in supporting the move to a low-carbon economy. We will work with our customers and colleagues to support the transition to a net zero economy by 2050.

3. Play an active role in promoting healthier lifestyles and a greener future for our communities

We will support and create awareness with programmes that help to create a healthier environment to support the overall health and wellbeing of our customers and patients, our colleagues and the community.

Corporate Governance

Communication & Governance

We will continue to ensure responsible business practices are embedded across Vhi and communicate our sustainability commitments.

1. Responsible business

We are committed to the highest standards of ensure that corporate governance, business integrity, transparency and professionalism ethical practices are carried throughout our business and our supply chain.

2. Governance and Sustainability

We will ensure our corporate governance, risk and regulatory frameworks supports sustainable business practices and that we engage with all of our stakeholders on our sustainability journey including stakeholder engagement. Find out more about our corporate governance structures here

3. Communicate our sustainability commitments

We will communicate and raise awareness of our commitments and report on progress against our sustainability agenda.