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Work, study or a holiday, relax with Vhi's travel or international health insurance when you go away


Annual travel insurance for all your trips, up to 180 days.

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Vhi International

Worldwide health insurance for 6 months or more abroad.

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Key benefits


Medical emergencies

Up to €10 million cover for medical emergencies.



Up to €10,000 cancellation or curtailment benefit.



Medical assistance, plus trip cancellation if you test positive within 14 days of your trip.   


Baggage loss

Cover of up to €2,000, if your luggage is lost or damaged.


Emergency helpline

24/7 emergency medical helpline, no mattter where you are in the world. 


How can I make a MultiTrip claim?

You can now claim online with these easy steps. Our online claims portal is open 24/7, with an immediate decision available for certain claims.

Start claim: this will take you to the external site of our underwriter. If you would like to check policy terms, conditions, limitations, and exclusions, see MyVhi.

Over the phone: if you would prefer to speak to an adviser, you can register your claim over the phone by calling us on 046 9077358 and one of our claims team can help with any questions and send you a claims form.

Am I required to have a current private medical insurance plan to be eligible for MultiTrip cover?

Yes. Your MultiTrip cover is especially designed to complement the overseas cover provided by your domestic private medical insurance plan, which must have a minimum of €65,000 for overseas medical emergencies.

Your domestic private medical insurance must be in place at the time of any event for which you subsequently claim under your MultiTrip policy. 

Are pre-existing medical conditions covered on my policy?

Yes, unlike most other travel insurance plans on the market, MultiTrip from Vhi Healthcare includes cover for pre-existing conditions up to the full limit of your medical cover provided your health insurance plan has overseas cover, and your pre-existing medical condition is covered under the terms and conditions of that domestic private medical insurance plan. Please see eligibility section for circumstances not covered. You must have served your initial waiting periods on your private medical insurance policy.


We cannot offer cover under the following circumstances, even if you suffer an illness, injury or a new or change to a medical condition that is unrelated:

• If you have been diagnosed with a terminal illness.

• If you are not fit to travel or fit to undertake your trip.

• If you are travelling intending to receive medical treatment.

• If you are travelling against the advice of a medical practitioner.

Please note: if you are 80 years or over, cover is limited only to the overseas cover limits on your domestic private medical insurance plan. Pre-existing conditions will not be covered.

COVID-19 and MultiTrip travel insurance

Further information is available here.


When should I purchase my MultiTrip travel policy?

You have no cover on your MultiTrip policy until the start date of the policy. Your cover, including cancellation cover will only begin from the start date you choose.

The ideal time to purchase your policy is prior to booking your trip. This will ensure that cancellation cover will be available to you, should something happen to prevent you from travelling. Please refer to terms and conditions here.

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Renewing your policy

You can update your payment details or purchase add-ons in MyVhi:


  1.  1. Go to your MultiTrip policy
  2.  2. Select 'View Details' under 'Payment Information'.
  3.  3. Choose 'Update Payment Details' or
  4.  4. Select 'Purchase Add-ons'.






Key benefits

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Full cover

Full cover for in-patient and day care treatments. 


Medical helpline

24/7 access to emergency medical helpline.


Major medical treatment

Flexibility to return to Ireland for major medical treatment. 


Emergency medical transfer

Full cover for emergency medical transfer, evacuation and repatriation. 

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Continuous cover

Continuous cover at home and abroad - no new waiting periods when you transfer back to a Vhi hospital plan. 


What is Vhi International, and do I need it?

Vhi International is international healthcare cover designed for Irish residents who are moving abroad for 6 months or more. 

Do I need this policy as well as my private health insurance policy?

No, this is a replacement policy for anyone who currently holds a health insurance plan in Ireland. It replaces your existing plan to cover you while abroad.

What are the benefits of Vhi International?

Vhi International offers comprehensive international healthcare cover. It also offers flexibility to return home to Ireland for major medical treatment and continuous cover at home and abroad, meaning no new waiting periods when you transfer back to a Vhi hospital plan. 

How can I make a Vhi International claim?

Our online claiming system allows you to submit your medical expenses in a convenient and fast way. You can complete the form, upload photos of your receipts and submit the claim online in just a few minutes. The claim will then be paid directly into your designated bank account. The link to claim will take you to the external site of our underwriter.

Over the phone: if you would prefer to speak to an adviser, you can register your claim over the phone by calling us on 046 9077377 and one of our claims team can help with any questions and send you a claims form.

How do I check what I am covered for?

Go to MyVhi or phone the claims team on +353 46 9077377.