Day to Day Claims

How to claim for your day-to-day medical expenses


Claiming for your day-to-day medical expenses is easy. Below, you'll find an outline of what you need to do.


  • You can submit your receipts within a reasonable timeframe as defined in our Terms & Conditions i.e. your current renewal period and 2 previous renewal periods (3 years).
  • You can submit your day-to-day receipts as you go using Snap and Send, the quick and easy paperless way to claim your everyday medical expense
  • Or you can gather your receipts and submit them using the day-to-day medical expenses claim form.
  • Gather all your original receipts for each insured person on your policy
  • Then you can complete your day-to-day medical expenses claim form
  • You'll need to include the original receipts and, as they are not returned, it is a good idea to retain a copy
  • Please ensure that each receipt indicates the patient's name, date and type of treatment or service, charge amount and your practitioner's details
  • Finally, send your completed form to Vhi, Po Box 11530, Dublin 18.
  • Please note, there are sometimes changes to your benefits, which are reflected in your Table of Benefits.