Hospital Claims


We pay all hospitals directly

With Vhi Healthcare, you won't have to settle the bills yourself before making a claim. We have direct payment agreements with hospitals, ensuring you can just focus on getting better. To help us complete the payment, all you need to do is simply complete the relevant section of your claim form provided to you on admission to the hospital. Keep in mind the following...

  • Bring your Vhi Healthcare policy number for any planned admissions. Your policy number can be found on your Vhi membership Healthcare card, policy documents, MyVhi or in the App
  • If you have a hospital excess on your plan, you will be required to pay this directly to the hospital on admission
  • We will send you a claims statement after your treatment to confirm the benefit paid
  • Some hospital procedures have special notices, payment conditions and or clinical indicators / medical criteria which need to be met in order for the procedure to be covered, your Consultant will be aware of any criteria associated with your treatment.
  • All our members should review their claims statement to ensure the bills are consistent with the treatment received, and to contact us in the event of any discrepancies



For the current Directory of Hospitals & Treatment Centres which have a direct payment agreement click here



Non-Direct Hospital Claims

In exceptional instances where we do not have a direct payment agreement with the treatment centre or convalescent home, the process is as follows...

  • You will need to settle your treatment bills with the facility
  • You can then submit a completed claim form to us signed by both you and your consultant
  • We will assess your claim and reimburse you directly for your eligible benefits
  • We will pay doctor's fees directly to the doctor. This is a requirement under legislation so any doctor's fees associated with hospital claims will always be paid directly by us.