Maternity Claims

Hospital Claims

If you attend a maternity unit, we'll pay your hospital costs directly to the hospital up to the limits of the maternity benefit on your plan. Our direct payment agreement, which is in place with all maternity hospitals, allows you to focus completely on your new arrival and we'll look after the rest.

And if you want to know more about the maternity benefits, please check your Table of Benefits for your Vhi Healthcare plan.


Consultant Fees

During your pregnancy all fees for Consultants Visits, Scans and Bloods are paid by you directly to your provider. Under your pre and post-natal care you can claim a portion of these fees back. You will need to submit your receipts via Snap and Send or using a day to day claim form. Please refer to you Table of Benefits for more details.

Your hospital admission for the birth, all Consultants/Obstetrician fees, Anaesthetists fees, Pathology fees and Paediatrician fees will be billed to Vhi directly along with the hospital fees. Most Consultants are registered with Vhi and accept our payments in full. Hospital fees will be paid based on your Maternity benefits listed on your plans Table of Benefits.

Find out more about our Baby Bundles wide range of benefits.


Non-Direct Hospital Claims

In exceptional cases where we do not have a direct payment agreement with the hospital, this is what happens...


  • You will need to settle your bills with the providers and submit a completed claim form to us
  • We will then assess your claim and reimburse you directly for your eligible benefits.
  • If you have any questions in relation to your cover please call us.


Home Births

If you are having a home birth, you will need to settle your midwife's bills directly and then submit your receipted accounts to us with a completed claim form. You need to make sure the claim form is signed by the midwife and that the account is receipted. Remember to include a copy of the baby's birth certificate with the claim.