Claiming for MRI and other scans

We pay the hospital directly

Many hospitals and medical facilities bill us directly so you can focus on getting better.  If the facility you attend does not have this in place, then you can claim online using Snap & Send in MyVhi or Vhi App. There is a separate claiming process for MRI scans in facilities that do pay us directly.

Fast and easy claiming with Snap & Send

You can claim for X-rays, DEXA scans, Ultrasounds and more online. Simply submit a claim anytime, from any device, anywhere in 4 easy steps...

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Upload images of receipts



Complete a short form and select Radiology as the treatment option



Review and send us your claim. That's it, you're done!

Postal claims

You can also claim by completing the form below and posting it to us.


Gather your receipts.

Fill form

Print and complete the claims form.


Address: Vhi, Po Box 11530, Dublin 18.

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)

There are some specific criteria to be considered before you make a claim for an MRI Scan. These are:

1. Referral

You must be referred by a Consultant or GP.

2. Approved centre

You must attend an approved MRI Centre.

3. Clinical indicator

The clinical indicator must be one that is approved by Vhi Healthcare. Your GP/Consultant will have access to this list. 

MRI, CT and Oncology CT Scans - pay and claim back

There are a small number of medical facilities that we do not have a direct payment agreement with. In this instance, you will need to pay the hospital or medical centre and then submit a claim to us. This is called a non-direct claim.

In relation to MRI scans only, an excess of €125 is applicable to all non-direct MRI claims. Unlike other excesses, you will not pay this upfront, but rather it is deducted during the assessment process.

Here's how it works: 

Submit a claim

Submit a completed claim form to us, signed by both you and your consultant. This is a non-direct payment form. You can send it to: Vhi, PO Box 10143, Dublin 18.

Assessment of claim

Your claim will be assessed for eligibility. Once successful, you will be reimbursed directly.

Note, benefits will be paid in accordance with the terms and conditions of your Vhi Plan applicable on the date of treatment.

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