Information on MyVhi

MyVhi is undergoing a number of enhancements this weekend, which may cause some technical issues for a short period. We apologise for any inconvenience and expect resumption to full service as soon as possible.

Temporary solutions

Unable to log in

• Try again - second attempt log in should work.

Can't use Snap&Send

• You can access this through Vhi App.

Verification code via SMS

A key change is the addition of SMS Two Factor Authentication (2FA) at log in.

You will receive a 6 digit verification code through SMS, each time you log in.

You will not have to complete SMS 2FA again when accessing things such as claims documents, MyDetails, etc. Although the login pages will look and feel a bit different, your experience within the MyVhi website will remain the same.     

What should I do?


Ensure that you have an up to date mobile phone number on your MyVhi account. 

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If you do not currently have a mobile number on your MyVhi account, please call us to update this on: 

056 444 4444


If you would like to know more about how your personal data is processed, see here.

Our opening hours are Monday to Friday, 8am – 7pm and Saturday, 9am – 3pm.

Frequently asked questions

Why is Two Factor Authentication necessary?

This is a security improvement, and will ensure your personal and health data will remain safe and confidential. 

Will I need to complete Two Factor Authentication secondly, to access my claims and policy documents?

No – you will only have to complete Two Factor Authentication once when logging in. You will be able to access claims and policy documents, MyDetails, and edit your bank details without having to complete Two Factor Authentication a second time. 

Do I need to do anything ahead of this update?

Ensure you have an up to date mobile number on your MyVhi account.