Family with a second opinion doctor

Second Opinion For All with Best Doctors

You can avail of an expert second opinion by a physician who will assess your medical case

Have your case assessed by an expert physician

This unique service enables Vhi members to have your medical case assessed by a world-class physician who will provide you with a expert second opinion. Partnered with Best Doctors® to provide the service, it is best used for any condition that is adversely affecting you. Once you have decided you would like a second opinion, you can call Vhi NurseLine.

How does Second Opinion for All work?


The NurseLine team will talk to you about your concerns and determine if you are eligible for the service.


The Best Doctors® team will contact you and prepare an in-depth summary of your case for review by them.


You will receive a detailed conclusion and can discuss this with the specialist and request support as needed.

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Best Doctors® is a specialist medical second opinions provider to companies and insurance carriers that offer the service as a benefit. We provide medical advice and information for people who have been diagnosed with a serious or worrying medical condition. We've built an exclusive database of medical specialists from around the world who have been chosen by other doctors as the best. This includes access to the world's leading specialists in paediatrics.


Best Doctors® is a registered trademark of Best Doctors Inc. in the United States and other countries. Used with permission.