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Benefits and costs

Vhi 360 Health Centres and Vhi SwiftCare Clinics provide personalised care from your first visit through to full recovery.

Vhi 360

Personalised healthcare
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  • Paediatrics
  • Diagnostics
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How it works

How it works

Vhi 360 Health Centres and Vhi SwiftCare Clinics care packages are determined by the needs of each individual. Members receive initial care with follow-up and additional specialist-led care, if necessary.

Our personalised approach can include support with minor injury or illness and further care.

Benefits and claims

Many of our plans provide cover towards the suite of care provided. Visits to Urgent Care are fully covered on several plans with an excess. 

Vhi 360 benefits

On May 1st 2022 we introduced a new 360 approach to patient care at the Vhi 360 Health Centres and Vhi SwiftCare clinics nationwide. This provides our members with access to a wider range of treatments and clinical supports including physiotherapy and health coaching. To make it easier to access these clinical services, we’ve created a new enhanced benefits package..

This new benefits package will provide you with full cover for your initial visit including any additional treatment required as part of that visit such as crutches, wound management and X-rays and you will only have to pay the excess which is outlined in your plan and the Table of Benefits.

You can view the benefits on your plan by logging in to your member's account, MyVhi and selecting the documents section. Here, you will find your Table of Benefits for a comprehensive view.


Many of our plans offer full cover for an initial visit with an excess.


If you need follow-up care, you may be fully covered for a number of visits.


Should you be referred for additional visits with a consultant or specialist led care, a co-payment may apply depending on your cover. 

For benefit queries, you can call us on...

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