Cover abroad claims

 We pay the hospital directly

We will pay the hospital directly for emergency medical treatment abroad, once we've approved it in advance. Most of our private medical insurance plans provide cover of up to €65,000/€100,000 for this, depending on your plan. 

To claim for outpatient charges, simply fill and submit an outpatient claim form to Vhi, PO Box 11530, Dublin 18. These benefits are subject to an annual excess.

Emergency medical treatment abroad

You can use this 24-hour emergency medical assistance service when you need it. Here's how: 

1. Call Assist

Before you receive any medical treatment. In the event of an emergency or where you are physically unable to make the call, you should appoint a relative to call for you.

2. Bills

You won't have to pay any bills upfront as we will arrange for approved hospital treatment to be paid to the hospital directly.


USA & Canada

1800 364 9022

Rest of world

+353 144 82 444

How to claim, if you receive a bill

In the event that you do have to settle some hospital bills yourself, you can claim back by completing an Emergency Cover Abroad claim form. Here's how:


Gather your original receipts from hospital and professional fee (i.e. Consultant) charges.

Fill form

Print, sign and complete the patient sections, and the admitting doctor must complete and sign the others.


Address: Vhi, Po Box 11530, Dublin 18.

Additional criteria

  • If you were treated in a public facility in an EU member state, you can apply for a European Health Insurance Card prior, to submitting your claim to us. A copy of your HSE's response must also accompany any claim.
  • If you had travel/accident insurance covering your trip abroad, a copy of the policy document must accompany the claim.
  • To be eligible to claim Emergency Cover Abroad benefits, you must be resident in Ireland for at least 180 days per calendar year.

Non-medical queries for MultiTrip members

You can contact us with Assistance queries while you are away, and claims queries upon your return:

Elective (Planned) Treatment Abroad

Treatments covered include procedures currently available and not available in Ireland.

What's it about?

Treatment must be:

• Approved by Vhi prior to travelling

• Considered to be a proven form of treatment and meet specific criteria

• Recommended by your Irish Consultant

Outpatient consultations, assessments, investigations and/or some specific outpatient diagnostic testing are not covered but certain expenses may be eligible as part of an outpatient claim.

How to apply

Consultant referral

Your Consultant in Ireland must complete the application form, and include  copy of the referral letter to the Consultant abroad.

Additional info.

You can submit any additional information you would like considered to support your application.

Month prior to treatment

We must receive the application 20 business days prior to commencement of your treatment.

Useful information
  • Where prior approval has been sought and granted, the approval for your treatment is valid for 60 days.
  • The eligible benefit amount approved may not cover the full cost of your treatment.
  • You can submit a claim for your expenses, as soon as your treatment is completed.
  • Claims can be paid directly into your bank account within 10 working days.

Application queries

For assistance on the process, to request a form, verify the status of your application or to discuss the outcome, you can call or email us.

This guide is designed for Vhi customers. The advice and guidelines are generalised without taking into account your personal health cover situation. The information contained in this guide is correct as at 25/05/2021. Rules and benefits may change from time to time.