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Exclusive to Vhi members - Beats Medical Dyspraxia App

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Beats Medical was founded in 2012 by Dublin physiotherapist Dr. Ciara Clancy, who recognised the huge potential that technology could have in improving the lives of people who live with neurological conditions.
Since then, Beats Medical products, like their award winning Parkinsons Treatment Service are used in over 40 countries around the world.


Beats Medical Dyspraxia App

How it works

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App menu

Easy-to-use with a child friendly interface.

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Space race game

Fun space theme designed to help engagement.

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Gross motor game

Instructions on screen to encourage the child to take part in physical exercises.

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Fine motor menu

Choice of games to help with fine motor skills.

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Gross motor menu

A variety of exercises to help with gross motor skills.

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Speech game

Daily exercises to promote communication, with an emphasis onclarity and diction.

Dyspraxia/DCD is a common condition that affects fine and/or gross motor skills including speech, memory, coordination and planning abilities.

The Beats Medical Dyspraxia app is designed to help children aged 3-14 with at home exercises, delivered as games, based on clinically proven therapies. The outer space setting makes therapy fun and is suitable for both boys and girls.

With approximately 10% of children affected by Dyspraxia/DCD, we’ve partnered with Beats Medical to support them. Now, all customers on hospital plans can avail of an annual subscription and expert support from Beats Medical for just €50, as opposed to the standard subscription fee of €330.

Download Beats Dyspraxia App