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Newborns, mums and more...

We've got you covered from pregnancy through to your baby's arrival and beyond with our broad range of maternity plans

Maternity benefits for you

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Baby Bundle

Our Baby Bundle gives you and your baby access to a wide range of benefits.
  • Baby Massage Classes.
  • Breastfeeding Consultations.
  • Foetal Screening.
  • Baby Swim Classes.
  • 3D, 4D or Early Pregnancy Scan.

Find more details on Vhi's Maternity and Baby Package here.

A maternity bundle limit applies. See your plan's Table of Benefits for more details. 

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Growing your family


Vhi Healthcare provides a range of supports from fertility to maternity care through to baby's arrival. 

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You can choose from a range of new, online maternity classes delivered in conjunction with The Baby Academy. 

Online maternity classes

Claiming for antenatal

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Snap your receipt and send it to us.

Benefit will be paid to your bank account within 10 days.

Mum's care

Cover towards delivery of your baby and hospital stay.



Cover towards your consultants' visits before and after the birth of your baby.


Baby's arrival

Cover for your consultant, the anaesthetist's fee for an epidural, in‑patient pathologist fees and a paediatric consultation.


Mum's support

Midwife Support Service - giving mums-to-be the support you need, right throughout pregnancy.

Vhi Verified – expert health advice 

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