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Avoid lengthy waiting lists and receive swift, accurate diagnoses from leading dermatologists through our nationwide partnership with AllView Healthcare.

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What skin conditions do we treat?

We tap into emerging trends, data and insights to offer comprehensive treatments for a wide range of skin conditions to customers aged 14 years and over.


















Potential cancerous growths

Start your journey to healthier skin 

Putting you on a path to fast, effective skin treatment, with AllView Healthcare for €299. Many of our plans offer a consultant benefit towards this service – please check your table of benefits. Remember, you can claim from any device using Snap & Send.


Appointment, image scan, diagnosis and GP call - €299

1. Appointment

Book an appointment and get seen within 10 days through our partners AllView Healthcare.

2. Initial image scan

Undergo a scan at a nurse-led clinic with state-of-the-art technology.

3. Diagnosis

Get diagnosed remotely by a leading consultant dermatologist.

4. GP call

Receive a call from a GP or nurse with your results and treatment plan.

Referred for extra support or minor surgical care?

AllView Healthcare will offer you a face-to-face appointment with a consultant at our Vhi Dermatology Clinic Carrickmines within 10 days of referral.

How to claim

Appointment, image scan, diagnosis and GP call - €299

This part of your care is provided by AllView Healthcare. To check how much of €299 you claim back, search for:


• 'Consultant' in the 'Day to day medical expenses' or 'Consultants & diagnostics' section of your Table of Benefits in MyVhi.


• You can claim for this service under your Consultant benefit using Snap & Send.

Extra support or minor surgical care referrals

This part of your care is provided by Vhi.  Most patients pay €50 or €75 for this visit – the rest of your costs are covered in full.

• To check how much you will pay, search for "360 Health Clinics" under your table of benefits in MyVhi.

• Simply sign the claim form when you visit a Vhi Dermatology Clinic.

If you would like to see your benefits, simply log in to MyVhi, select the 'Documents' section and open the 'Table of Benefits' document. 

Meet our experts and thought leaders

Our network of dermatology consultants are experts in their specialist fields and on the Specialist Consultant Register of the country’s Medical Council..

Dr Rupert Barry

Dr Rupert Barry

Consultant Dermatologist and Clinical Lead for Dermatology

Our team is led by Dr Rupert Barry, a medical graduate of Trinity College Dublin and a Fellow in Mohs micrographic surgery and dermatological surgery.



Dr Barry has over 20 years’ of dermatology experience, with an extensive interest in the diagnosis, management and care for skin cancer patients. He serves as a Non-Executive Board Member of the Irish Skin Foundation and holds an advisory role in the Skin Cancer Sub-Committee of the National Cancer Control Programme.

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Start your journey to healthier skin by requesting an appointment through AllView Healthcare. 

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Contact aftercare support

Receive aftercare support or talk to the AllView Healthcare team, just pick up the phone. 

AllView Healthcare

AllView Healthcare

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