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Urgent Care

Vhi 360 Health Centres provide members with access to urgent care for minor injuries and illnesses, 365 days a year.

Experiencing high volumes - Carrickmines Health Centre


Carrickmines Urgent Care is currently experiencing high volume patient attendance. Where possible, please use our other 360 Health Centre locations or alternatively please contact your GP / attend your local Emergency Department. Dial 999/112 in an emergency.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Measles and other Viral Symptoms (Mumps / Chickenpox / Flu)

If you think that you or your child has measles, please tell us at the Reception Desk immediately upon arrival.  

Please wear a mask (available at Reception Desk), practice safe cough etiquette & wash your hands.

If you have any other viral symptoms (including sore throat, runny nose, headache or fever) or unexplained new rash associated with swollen glands or a temperature, please do not walk in to a clinic - call us to make an appointment.

Our aim is to treat you at your earliest convenience and in the right environment. Our urgent care clinic for minor illnesses and injuries operates on a walk-in-basis.


If you have an illness or any viral symptoms please call us first as a telephone consultation with one of our urgent care doctors or nurses may be more appropriate.

Opening times


8am - 6pm

Clinic hours

8am - 9pm

What we treat

Member Information

Vhi 360 provides personalised healthcare to each member.

Benefits and Costs

Most of our plans offer full cover for urgent care visits subject to an excess of €50 or €75.  Members should check their Table of Benefits to find out more. Urgent care can include diagnostics such as X-ray if clinically indicated and supports needed to assist with your recovery e.g. crutches, medical boot, bandages, stiches or cast. 

Return visits: Please note that return visits to Urgent Care outside of 72 hours from the original visit will be subject to an excess of €50 or €75. 

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Service available:

Urgent dental care

For urgent dental care required out of hours. 



If you have any viral symptoms please call us first. 


You will need your policy number. 

Please note, we only accept contactless payment at this time.




We may ask some screening questions to identify if isolation is required, due to viral symptoms.

A face mask will be provided, if required.


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Getting there


The Hampstead Building,

Carrickmines Park,

Dublin 18.

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